Jump-Start Your Career Change with Temporary Assignments

Bored at work? Stuck in a dead-end field? Ready for a different job?

Temporary assignments can be a great way to kick-start your career change. With a broad range of assignments and projects available, working through an employment agency allows you to:

  • try out new job responsibilities and work environments
  • evaluate potential employers
  • gain transferable work skills
  • make a fresh start in a new field

Stack the Deck in Your Favor

If you want to use temporary work to jump-start your career change, keep the following points in mind to accelerate the process and ensure your success:

Be ready to embrace change.

There’s a certain amount of change inherent in temporary work; be sure you’re mentally prepared to handle new co-workers, work environments, responsibilities and corporate cultures. So instead of resisting change, make it your ally. Get used to the notion that you will change jobs frequently during your career transition. When it’s time to make your next move, your job-changing mindset will make the transition much easier for you.

Choose a reputable employment agency.

Before you step away from a stable job (no matter how dull or unrewarding), do your homework. Visit agency websites or contact offices directly to find out the types of placements in which they specialize. Select a staffing firm that focuses on the industry or type of work you’d like to pursue, to optimize your chances for stable employment.

Get to know your recruiter well.

Your placement officer is your employment opportunity lifeline. Find out how they select candidates for assignments and interact with employers. Ask about their preferred methods of communication. Be polite, professional and responsive, to keep yourself on the top of their list.

Be upfront with your recruiter.

When you interview, let them know that you’re looking to change careers. Tell them about your interests,  transferable skills, work preferences and career goals. Explain your desire for challenging assignments that will help you try out different jobs, evaluate new career options and broaden your skills. The better your placement officer understands you, the better equipped they’ll be to place you in assignments that will drive your career change.

Choose assignments carefully.

Force yourself outside your comfort zone just a bit. Focus on opportunities that require you to learn new things and develop expertise in your desired field. And when your learning curve flattens out, let your recruiter know that you’re ready for a more challenging opportunity. Continually building your skills will help you gain momentum and become more employable in your target career.

Make the most of every temping opportunity.

Treat each assignment as a learning experience. Don’t just perform your job duties adequately; give your best effort. Ask for more work once you finish. Talk-up co-workers to find out what they like about their job and employer. Ask questions to learn more about the career path you’re interested in pursuing. Take as much knowledge and experience away from each assignment as you can.

And if you find a company you’d like to work for directly, let your recruiter know. They can speak with your assignment supervisor about direct-hire opportunities within the organization.

Ready to jump-start your career change?

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