Want the Best Gigs, Contracts and Assignments? Ask the Right Questions.

Why are you choosing to work as a temporary?

What’s the best way to manage you?

When was the last time you faced a personality conflict at work – and how did you handle it?

When you interview with a staffing service, you expect to be asked some challenging questions. Your recruiter needs to find out more about your motivators, work ethic and soft skills, as well as uncover any red flags (i.e., reasons not to hire you).

But guess what? Interviewing with a staffing recruiter should be a two-way street. In other words, you should plan to ask challenging questions, too. Doing so will help you:

  • assess the staffing firm’s recruiting, matching and placement processes;
  • learn more about the recruiter’s experience;
  • determine if your wants, preferences and career goals align with what the staffing firm offers.

To choose the right partner and access the best opportunities, ask smart questions like these:

Questions to Ask Your Staffing Company Recruiter

I have an interest in [insert desired field, functional area, niche or position]. How can you help me find my dream job? The right employment agency for you will have a thorough understanding of the type of role you’re seeking. Look for an answer that indicates they can help match you with challenging opportunities to move you forward along your career path.

How much experience does your firm have in recruiting/placing people like me? Some staffing firms are “generalists” (i.e., they place people in all types of positions/industries); others are highly specialized. Make sure the staffing firm and the recruiter have substantial experience working with leading employers in your industry, and that they have a range of opportunities available in your desired field.

What are the steps in your recruiting process? A reputable staffing firm will have a well-established interview process. Find out what types of screening and skills testing will be required, as well as if you will have to interview directly with employers for assignments.

What things do you do to help me stay working consistently? Great staffing companies have proactive processes to begin matching a field associate with new opportunities before their current one ends. Find out what your recruiter will do to minimize the gaps between your contracts or assignments.

Food for Thought

Asking great questions has other important benefits beyond information-gathering:

  • it gives the recruiter a chance to learn more about you and your potential fit for assignments or projects;
  • it provides insight into your level of preparedness for employer interviews;
  • it demonstrates your passion for your career.

When your recruiter knows that you’re enthusiastic, savvy and thorough, they’ll work even harder to match you with a great opportunity.

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